Donzelenche & surroundings


The stay on the mas, and the many idyllic spots the yard and the grounds have  to offer, it will leave  an indelible impression behind. You would almost forget the many possibilities  the surroundings have too offer.  Its the ideal position to explore  the Lozère and the Gard. Rough beauty and rich nature of the ` Lozere' and  the Park national the Cevennes, the charm of the Mediterranean  it  all lies in range. It offers in abundance reason for excursions (by foot, on bicycle, by horse or by car), pick-nicks .There are a lot of sport-loving possibilities (e.g. cycle, climb, cannoning,rafting,cave exploration,). The vintages of the Languedoc can be visited. The charming French borough hand villages in the surroundings offer a scale to festivals, folk activities, markets, terraces, restaurants and curiosities. Sufficient options therefore to make an appropriate mix for an unforgettable holiday, both for the seeker of quietness, the nature-lovers, the sport-loving holiday recipient, and those who love culture and folklore